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Albir & Sara sensual Kizomba demo at Feeling Kizomba Festival 2012 (Madrid)

Petchu & Vanessa Kizomba, Semba and African Dance demo at the LIKE Festival 2013 (Lisbon)


Kizomba music by DJ Gato Felix


Sydney's Resident Dj Gato Felix from Bailar Kizomba (She Loves Kizomba every Monday & Thursday @ The Burdekin Hotel - 2 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst) & Director of Sydney Bailar Kizomba Festival, is happy to supply you with weekly mixes for your listening pleasure!

Completely 100% FREE music that is available to anyone and EVERYONE that LOVES Kizomba! There will be the occasional VIDEO MIXES that accompany them. If not just the audio version for you to enjoy!

We will upload everything from Kizomba, Tarraxinha/Tarraxa, Ghetto Zouk, Angolan, French, Portuguese, Zouk Love, Afrohouse, Afrobeatz, Kuduro, Semba & More!

Please note this is a FREE service provided by BK! If you download, please feel free to SHARE & leave comments below.

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